Eye Drops For Dogs

Are you a pet owner? Yes? Then you probably wish that your dog has clean, clear and bright eyes. When the eyes of the dog are not bright and have a dull look then it can indicate that there are some issues with its eyes. Eye Drops For Dogs are a great choice to deal with all kinds of infections that occur in your dog eyes. Symptoms include dry eyes, pink eyes, excessive tears, inflammation around the eye, bulging of eyes, cataracts etc. If you are a dog lover, it is essential for you to know about all types of eye drops that are available in the market to treat such eye conditions.

Eye drops for dogs to cure conjunctivitis

Canines experience conjunctivitis, which means inflammation of the infected region. This is actually a tissue that acts as the lining on the eyelids of dogs, which is attached to your dog’s cornea. This eye issue can occur due to pollen, allergy through grass, viral infections, fungal infections and bacterial infections.  This eye condition is called pink eye in dogs. The vet would prescribe antibiotic eye drops to treat this medical condition. You have to admisister these eye drops for your dog many times on a regular basis.

Eye Drops For DogsCanine eye drops to treat Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a medical condition in dogs that can make the round shape of the eyes get bigger or sunken as it makes the third eye lid highly visible. The non surgical method to cure the eye condition is to use eye drops for dogs. Your vet will advise you on how to use these eye drops to lower the fluid production in eyes or to reduce the pressure present in the eyes by getting rid of the fluid.

Eye drops to treat allergies in eyes

Allergies can trigger various eye infections among dogs. A dog can experience eye allergies from dust, grasses, pollen or due to other factors of environment. Eye Drops For Dogs that contain saline solution is highly useful for getting rid of any kind of eye allergies. Your vet would also need to do an eyewash. These eye drops are easily available in many drug stores and you can buy it when your dog has an infection in eyes. If you do not find any improvement in eye infection then you can seek the help of your vet to cure the allergic infection faster.

Eye drops to treat cataracts in dogs

Cataracts are a common condition that affects the eyes of your dogs mostly as they grow older. The eye of your dog becomes opaque and it won’t detect light. The lens of the eyes would experience a cloudy look and this can lead to vision loss. This problem can only be resolved with the help of surgical procedures. The vet might advise you to use pre operative and postoperative eye drops. These antibiotic drops must be administered 3 times or 4 times each day for a few weeks before and also after the surgery.

If your dog developes any of these eye infections or eye conditions, treatment can be offered using these eye drops for dogs. You must make sure that you seek the advice of your vet before administering the eye drops as not all eye drops are advisable for treating different conditions. Make sure you keep an eye on the health of your dog’s vision to detect any changes in its early stage. It is not an easy task to apply eye drops to your dog’s eyes as he or she might not like it as it can be painful. You have to handle your dog with patience and have skills to do so. You can also ask your vet to show you the way of administering it in a correct manner.